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Uncurated Studio is a one-man design studio run by graphic designer and illustrator, Karl Adrian Aguro.

Recent Works

2018 Planner

The studio designed a 2018 planner with Gold and Copper cover alternates.


144 pages

300 gsm Gold Pearl

290 gsm Copper

Japanes Binding


Design and Illustration by

Uncurated Studio

CDO Zine Fest

Art10 aims to strengthen and weave the art community in Northern Mindanao, Philippines - the 10th Region. As part of its many planned events is the first Zine Festival in Cagayan de Oro City. The event’s mission is to raise awareness and invite seasoned artists, and designers, as well as welcoming emerging artists.


Design and Illustration by

Uncurated Studio

Teacup No. 23

Soothing aromas, full flavors, rich brews. Made only with the best leaves, every cup of our teas is one you’ll surely enjoy. Put the kettle on and experience goodness that overflows – only from Teacup #23. Teacup No. 23 is a tea product hand-packaged and made in the Philippines.

Client: Chingkee Te

Photography: Nikko Tan

Illustration: Dana Martinez

Artists' Night

Artists' Night is a creative gathering of artists in Cagayan de Oro City. The studio designed the print materials of the event.

Client: Chingkee Te

Photo from Migs Mejia

Flowers by Petals CDO

Karl Adrian Aguro

Karl Adrian Aguro is a graphic designer and illustrator based in the Republic of the Philippines. He currently runs his one-man design studio, UNCURATED STUDIO.

Client: Karl Adrian Aguro

Photography: Uncurated Studio

Red in Bloom

A coexistence of urban lifestyle and nature is what defines living in Cagayan de Oro; it is a relationship that is rooted deep in our identities. Our spirits are always in full bloom, and we live our lives knowing that opening ourselves up to show our inner beauty is what will get us places. We sway with the wind, dance with the leaves in the air, and exist knowing full well what we're made of.

Client: SM CDO Downtown Premier

Assisted by: Nikko Tan, Joseph Diaz,

Christian Gamolo

Photography: Fourth Legara

Ayala Food Map

Ayala Center Cebu brings you the Food Map - your guide to Cebu's premier dining destination. They commissioned the studio to do the illustrations and design of the map.

Client: Ayala Center Cebu

Illustration: Karl Adrian Aguro


Pride, celebrated by convicts of closets in their own homes. Home, a place where one feels safe and secure in their own skin. Skin, a mask worn to conceal what is unwanted by the majority. Majority, a judicial system that chains the different, the unique; a guillotine.

Client: Robert Hiyas

Photography: Martie Dejos, Joseph Ong, Em-em Ybanez

Illustration: Karl Adrian Aguro

Lav Diaz for Mubi

Stack Magazine's ongoing collaboration with Mubi will feature films of Lav Diaz. They commissioned the studio to illustrate a postcard with an interpretation of Lav and his films.

Client: Stacks Magazine, Mubi

Illustration: Karl Adrian Aguro

Bowties & Butter

Inspired from American trade fair food, Bowties & Butter came up with a unique menu of serving Kagay-anons with nostalgic American comfort food with a twist of something sweet at a very affordable price.

Client: Joshua Motomull

Illustration: Karl Adrian Aguro


Marcelo is a project by Marcelo Ouano, a Cebu-based producer. He came to me and asked if I can help him with the artworks for his first EP.


His music are lo-fi and when asked to describe his EP, he just said "Chill" The main album artwork is just a couch, which is the basis for all the other artworks for each song.

Client: Marcelo Ouano

Illustration: Karl Adrian Aguro


This is a mural at the Misfit HQ in Cagayan de Oro City.

Client: Misfit Inc

Illustration: Karl Adrian Aguro

Assisted by: Aljello

Photo: Rob Wapano

Wild Greens

Wild Greens makes and delivers bottled products that can be prepared into a simple snack, or made into an ingredient for a delicious meal.


There's comfort in every bottle.

Client: Patrick Yulo

Miss Miyagi

Miss Miyagi offers soft-served artisan ice cream in Cagayan de Oro City.


The main inspiration of the shop is Japan and to incorporate pop culture to it. The owner, who is also an artist, is known to be a fan of Japanese visual artist, Yayoi Kusama.

Client: Chingkee Te


Chain Reaction is a series of immersive activities culminating with a case competition aimed at impacting real-life supply chain projects by incorporating sustainable living practices. These will be held in Unilever's offices and factories for the full supply chain experience.





Client: Unilever Philippines


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